Fishing in the Dark is a 501 (c) (3)

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Why Donate

Fishing in the Dark is focused on veterans who have served in a combat deployment with an emphasis on veterans with PTSD. Furthermore, helping those veterans who have or have previously had suicidal thoughts is something we hold to a higher priority. 

Each Veteran is going to be provided with the equipment and knowledge to continue fishing after their trip with Fishing in the Dark. This kit will include a rod, reel, tackle and a fishing box to store it all in! If a veteran does not know how to fish, they will be provided with simple easy instructions to get them started.

The outlet of fishing has helped countless veterans and will continue to help veterans heal from internal and external wounds they received from combat. 

Fishing in the Dark is completely funded through donations and primarily Eddie and Becca’s own money. They both have a passion for helping others and veteran suicide is close to their hearts. The military will take families all over the world, and through situations that many will never understand. It is a difficult transition for both the veteran and the family to civilian life. This transition is made worse a lot of times due to struggling to get the benefits and help needed. Eddie and Becca have been blessed to come across people throughout their military journey that have helped them navigate the VA system and they want to pass this knowledge onto others. Stress from not having proper VA care can have a huge impact on many disabled veterans. This is why we are partnered with the Disabled American Veteran (DAV) to help ensure veterans are receiving all the care they are entitled to. 

The cost of maintaining a boat and providing the equipment to our veterans is not cheap and we greatly appreciate any and all monetary donations we receive. 

Last but not least, the entire experience is going to be done with a sober veteran. This is not a drinking trip or trip where veterans are allowed to use mind altering drugs. If a veteran is not able to meet these standards they will not be allowed on the fishing excursion.

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