Mike's Review

I’ve been trying to put into words my experience with Eddie and Damon. I’ve gotta say meeting new people is not something I truly feel 100% comfortable with but for some reason I didn’t feel that way with these two. I get comfortable I felt like I was fishing with a couple of old brothers from the Army. There was no pressure and they listened really well. Eddie is very knowledgeable with fishing and I learned a lot about fishing for lake bass and what to look for. I truly feel like I have not one but two new people who truly care. Those two are some of the truest and genuine guys I’ve meet and I’m lucky to been accepted into the fishing in the dark family. Aside for the amazing gear that was given to me, (which by the way was freaking awesome! I’m soo thankful!), I got to walk away with more knowledge to help me stay engaged and be better angler and the best of all was I got to walk away with two new brothers! Thank you guys very much for everything the gear, the trip, and the great memories. If I could leave you and whoever is reading this with, please don’t be afraid to reach out, I know we as veterans like to do things on our own but sometimes we need someone to watch our six and these guys and this organization truly does that. Take a chance and see what these two are doing, you’ll see for yourself that they’re doing great things for us. Take it in and see for yourself. Thank you Eddie thank you Damon you two are exactly what us veterans are about and that’s looking out for each other!

Miguel C.
SGT US Army (ret)

About Mike

Mike served as a Cav scout (19D)  in the U.S. Army  for over 6 years. With multiple tours to Iraq, Mike retired from the military . His experience with Fishing in the Dark was our first of many Veterans we will help find an outlet. We were thankful that we had the opportunity to meet Mike and even more thankful that he responded to our  cause with such positivity. We cannot thank him enough for everything he has done and everything he will do in the future! Mike, Thanks again for being you! We had a great time on the water and look forward to continuing our friendship moving forward!

-Eddie and Damon

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